Roots Ministry

The Mt. Gilead Roots Ministry is the small group ministry.  Small groups have a vital role in one's personal Christian walk as they offer opportunities for individuals to connect with others in fellowship, as well as offering opportunities in growing your understanding of the Bible.  Just like the heartbeat of Mt. Gilead Church, small groups are about relationships, so with the Roots Ministry, it is our hope that everyone can find a deeper relationship with other brothers and sisters in Christ.  For a strong tree to stand the winds of the world, it requires a deeply watered root system, and it is our vision that for us to weather the storms of our world, inclusion in a small group will allow your own roots to be watered to strengthen you.  You can find out more about small group opportunities by stopping by the ACCESS table located in the church foyer.

Sunday school

Mt. Gilead Church is dedicated to the spiritual growth of individuals and families.  In addition to other ministry opportunities throughout the week, Mt. Gilead offers weekly Sunday School following the morning worship service.  This time of small group study and instruction takes place throughout the church in various classroom settings from 10:45-11:30.  It is during this time, that classes meet for study and fellowship, and a wide variety of study opportunities are provided for preschool children through adults.  In particular, there are currently five classes offered for children aged two through high school, as well as three adult classes.

Prayer request

Please fill out the following information to submit a prayer request.  You have the options below to make your prayer as visible as you wish or can select that is sent directly to the Mt. Gilead ministry team.