What to expect at Mt. Gilead


Mt. Gilead is truly a welcoming place.  It is often said that we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take sharing the gospel with others and creating a community of believers very seriously.  We first and foremost want people to feel welcome and part of our family when they join us.  Based on this, we want people to know what to expect when they come visit us.

When you enter the building, you will be greeted and provided with a bulletin, and ushers will help you with seating if you need it.   There will also be the opportunity to fill out contact information if you want the church to have it.  Don't worry though, all information is kept entirely confidential, and you don't have to worry about someone dropping by!  If you want to remain anonymous for a while that is perfectly fine.  


You can come dressed in any way you wish.  Most people dress casually, but if you like to dress up, that is totally acceptable as well! So wear whatever makes you comfortable.  You are welcome just as you are! 


Our nursery is available in a room adjacent to the sanctuary for children from Birth to 2 yrs old.  We always have at least two volunteers staffing the nursery. You will sign your child in and then be given a corresponding number for picking them up to ensure safety/protection.   You can rest assured that your child will be taken care of in a loving, safe environment.

The Service

Warm Up

Coffee is available in our Fellowship Hall, so feel free to arrive early and have a cup or two and enjoy socializing with others.  If you are seeking information about our church, check out our ACCESS Table in the Foyer for various sign up sheets and information.  At around 9:25, the Praise Band will play an opening countdown song as we get ready for the service. Come in and have a seat and don't worry......visitors will never be asked to stand up and be recognized!

Musical Style


Our worship style is blended, but leans toward the contemporary side.  You will hear a familiar hymn each week typically, as well as familiar praise songs  and other songs you may hear on current contemporary Christian radio.  


Part of our weekly worship time is a time for offering.  Guests are never expected to give.  For those of us that consider Mt. Gilead to be our home church, offering is an important act of worship where we acknowledge God as being the provider of all we have.  Though there are some who prefer to give electronically from our website or on their phone, we take time to reflect on God's blessings and give back of our tithes and offerings as we are directed in the Scriptures.  


There will be a Pastoral prayer time.  Prayer requests are printed on the back of the weekly bulletin, and our Pastor will take time to pray for updated concerns.  If you would like to be added to the prayer list, you can contact any of the elders, deacons, pastoral staff, or stop in at the ACCESS Table in the foyer to make such a request. There is also a place provided on the bulletin where you can write you request and then tear it off and put it in the offering.

Wee Worship & Sunday Morning Live

We are happy to provide different children's worship experiences for two different age groups on Sunday Mornings: Wee Worship & Sunday Morning Live.  Children age 2-5 years of age are able to go at the beginning of the church service to Wee Worship, where parents will sign in their children with the Wee Worship weekly volunteer staff.  Parents also have the option of having their young children with them in the main sanctuary during the first half of the service. Then, if they so desire, they can take their children back to Wee Worship during the offering time.  Keep in mind that parents always have the option of keeping their children with them during the main morning worship service!  For children Kindergarten through grade five, Sunday Morning Live (SML) is available directly below the sanctuary in the basement.  SML is the duration of the morning worship service, and provides children with worship songs, a main bible lesson, scripture memory work, and fun, interactive activities.  


Pastor Tim (occasionally Pastor Matt or a guest speaker)will speak and teach from the Bible in ways that relate to your everyday life.  Sermons last 25-35 minutes.  People are able to follow along with the pew Bibles, or scripture passages are projected on the sanctuary's main two screens. We also have internet service if you prefer to use an electronic device.  Tim often uses visuals such as video to illustrate points as well as to keep things relevant and interesting.  

If you would like to hear a sermon, you can see the entire service with a message on our Facebook page at the following link.


Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month along with other special holidays and/or occasions.  Communion at Mt. Gilead is open to all individuals who have accepted the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  You do not need to be a member at Mt. Gilead or any other church to join in communion with us.


The service will end with a song by our Worship Team at around 10:30 to 10:40 but don't run off just yet...

Sunday School

Stick around after the worship service for one of our several Sunday School classes.  We offer Sunday School classes for children ages 2 and up through high school, as well as three adult classes. We feel confident that you will find a class that you will enjoy. Sunday School runs roughly 45 minutes and ends at 11:30.