Mt. gilead and giving

Giving is an important part of church life.  There are many ways a person practices giving in their church as an expression of their faith.

  • We give of our TIME

    There are always things we can be doing to help serve and minister to our community through our church in every area of ministry.  Children and youth all need our time to help mentor and teach and challenge.  There are always those in our community that we love to reach out to and help as well as the poor and challenged that are in need of ministry and support.

  • We give of our TALENT

    We believe God has gifted everyone to serve in HIS kingdom and given us talents which should never be hidden or hoarded, but used to reach and bless others.

  • We give of our TREASURES

    God has blessed us and given us favor and resources, because it is all God's to begin with.  God calls on us to voluntarily and joyfully give of the resources He has blessed us with.  We give our tithes and offerings as an act of worship for what God has done in our lives and to keep the church ministry sustained and strong to minister to the community.  God's word even tells us to test Him on this to see if He will not bless and minister to our lives (Malachi 3:10) and that the measure in which we will give will be the same measure that God will bless us (Luke 6:38).

making giving comfortable & convenient

Please check out the following link as a viable and easy way to partner with Mt. Gilead Church and provide your tithe, offering, or a general donation for our continued ministries.  We are grateful for everyone who wishes to support our ongoing call to minister to the lost and enlarging His kingdom.